Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CIRM grantees at the Gladstone Institutes launch powerful new videos

I’m always impressed by good science communication, especially in the field of stem cell research. That’s why I was excited to see the new video program unveiled this week by the Gladstone Institutes.

Gladstone, which is affiliated with UCSF, launched a new website featuring five videos produced by Wondros—an award winning company founded by Jesse Dylan, son of Bob Dylan. The videos each tell a short, compelling story about one area of research focus at the Institute, including stem cell research. (They’ve received more than $34 million in grants from CIRM for this work.)

A press release from Gladstone talks about the role of these videos:
“Gladstone scientists combine concern for patients with curiosity about the fundamentals of biology in a distinctive—and perhaps even unique—blend of motivation and drive,” said cardiologist R. Sanders “Sandy” Williams, MD, who became Gladstone’s president in 2010. “We expect that our new films and website will increase public awareness about the ongoing devastation caused by these diseases—and how Gladstone is making a difference.”

The movies and website are part of a Gladstone campaign to increase recognition of three global health crises—at least one of which impacts virtually every family worldwide.
The video about the program’s stem cell initiatives features stem cell legend Shinya Yamanaka, who first reprogrammed adult cells to an embryonic state, along with some of Gladstone’s top stem cell scientists. Together, they make a compelling case for the promise of their work. You can watch the stem cell video below. All the videos are available on the newly launched rebranded website.


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