Monday, July 30, 2012

Translations bring stem cell information to the world

How do you say “what are stem cells ” in Portuguese? How about Turkish or even Hindi and Vietnamese? I had no idea either, at least not until I turned to Prof. Paul Knoepfler’s stem cell blog.

As regular readers of this blog know Prof. Knoepfler is a stem cell researcher at the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures. He’s also an inveterate blogger and now, in his spare time, he’s trying to translate a fact sheet on stem cells into as many languages as possible. It’s for a project he calls the Stem Cell Outreach Program for Education or SCOPE.

Why is he doing this you might ask? Well, it’s simple. Stem cell research is of global importance. The therapies it produces stand to benefit people around the world so it just makes sense that we have materials for people around the world to read now, giving them a basic understanding of what this work is and why it’s so important. That reasoning is what led us to translate our seven pages of stem cell basics into Spanish (you can see those pages here).

So far SCOPE has translated the “What is Stem Cell” fact sheet into 12 different languages. But they want a lot more, and they’re asking for your help in getting them. They need volunteer translators, people who have a good grasp of a language and a good grasp of science too, to translate the fact sheet into many more languages.

Here are the ones they’re most interested in right now: Arabic, German, Italian, French, Hebrew, Bengali, Korean, Turkish, Urdu, and Tagalog.

So, if you are fluent in any of those languages and are interested in being part of this program drop Prof. Knoepfler a line at

You could help spread the word about stem cells, or as they say in Portugal, celulas tronco.



  1. Hi, wanted to let you know that EuroStemCell has a big translation effort underway too, with more than 30 stem cell FAQ translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish so far, eg

    We've also translated lots of our stem cell fact sheets, films and educational resources into those 4 languages, with Polish up next.

    Take a look at


  2. Thanks, CIRM! You have made a big difference as many translators have stepped up. I'm hoping to get to 20 languages in the next few weeks.

    But I am in serious need of translators, particularly for African languages to reach out to that very important continent. For example, any Arabic or Swahili translators out there please contact me. Also other languages from Africa or elsewhere greatly appreciated!

    I now have all the links to the stem cell pages in each language all on one page here:

  3. The World Stem Cell Summit is not only a must-attend event,the Summit was particularly valuable to attendees because of the networking opportunities and interdisciplinary exchanges of information.

  4. Update on SCOPE: stem cell outreach program for education is now at 21 languages with a big thank you to CIRM for getting the word out. More translators needed, especially German & Swahili