Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Short takes from patient advocates at the World Stem Cell Summit #wscs12

Posts from my colleagues who were at the World Stem Cell Summit this week reminded me about the short video interviews we did last year with patient advocates. One of the best parts of this meeting is always seeing the scientists mix with the patient advocates and meet the people who really stand to benefit from their research.

We talked with several advocates in our booth about what they were getting out of the meeting. You can see all of those short interviews on our blog entry from that meeting.

One of my favorites was my talk with Keri Kimler, Vice President for Texans for Stem Cell Research, who is a tireless advocate for stem cell research and for educating people about the value of the work. She's always bustling around that meeting, meetings scientists and other advocates and talking up Texan research. Here she is:


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