Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A small bright spot in Egypt: 16-year-old student continues stem cell project

Being an avowed news junky has its down sides. On mornings like today when so much of the New York Times and the SF Chronicle are filled with details of the upheavals in the Middle East, reading multiple newspapers can get a little depressing. So, when I got to work I was shocked and pleased to see this post on The Stem Cell Group on LinkedIn. A 16 year-old student from Egypt is asking for advice on how to move forward his research on using mesenchymal stem cells for liver fibrosis.

For the past few weeks we have been posting the musings of California high school students participating in our Creativity program that placed them in stem cell lab internships (all of their blog entries are here). Those posts from students getting their first glimpse of stem cell research are inspiring. But this morning, after my news fix, I found this simple little post the most inspiring of all.

I hope he gets some good suggestions.

Don Gibbons

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