Monday, September 16, 2013

UCSB high school intern: "great way for high school students to get exposed to a life in research"

Ami Thakrar working in the lab. She submitted this photo to our #CIRMStemCellLab Instagram feed.
The Santa Barbara Independent has a piece today on the high school students who interned at the University of California, Santa Barbara this summer. Some of those students were part of our Creativity award program, which supported high school interns in stem cell labs throughout California.

The study quotes high school junior Ani Thakrar, who worked on embryogenesis, talking about how this experience helped her understand what she wants to do in the future:
“I think RMP is great way for high school students to get exposed to research and get exposed to a life in research. It also helped me better understand what I want to do with my future. And I think it did the same for many of my peers.”
Ami wrote a blog entry for CIRM about her summer experience.

The Creativity award program was intended to support promising high school students and give them an experience working in a lab. These students are going to be the next generation's stem cell scientists, carrying on the work of today's CIRM grantees and developing future therapies.

On our website you can read blog entries from all of the students who participated this summer, as well as see images and videos they produced about their experience. A list of all schools participating in the Creativity program is available on our grants list.

Amy Adams

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