Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on the progress of our therapies in development

Periodically we update our Board about progress being made by CIRM grantees who are working on developing new therapies.

Of course, all of our awards are given out with the idea that they will speed therapies, but some are actively pursuing known targets and are hoping to start testing them in humans. Those are the awards that are in what we call our translational portfolio (this is also a term industry groups use to talk about their therapies in the pipeline).

The slides from the most recent presentation to our Board are available on the agenda from the meeting (go to item #10). They include all sorts of details about what the teams have accomplished and how soon they expect to start trials.

What you'll see is that two groups have already started clinical trials (in HIV/AIDS and heart disease) and many more are ready to start trials in the next year or two.

We post those slides every time we present new information to our Board--about two to three times per year. In between those times you can always get information about our translational portfolio on our website.

That page shows all the awards in the portfolio, and gives an indication of what the goal is for that award. Some are earlier in the pipeline and are just trying to nail down their therapy candidate, while others are hoping to enter clinical trials. You can get information about the project goal and progress to date by clicking on the award title.

For those who don't know much about what it takes to reach clinical trials, we also have some information about the path to clinical trials, and steps we're taking to help smooth that path.

We hope this information helps keep everyone up to speed on progress being made by our grantees.

Amy Adams

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