Monday, December 9, 2013

Stem Cell Champions tell their stories

Last week at the World Stem Cell Summit we asked attendees to let us know why they are stem cell champions.
Sherry Hikita runs the CIRM-funded UC Santa Barbara stem cell laboratory and is part of a team working on a therapy for blindness
Our booth was overrun by scientists and patient advocates telling their stories, and writing short messages of support. We then posted photos of these people with their messages to an Instagram feed, which you can see by following #SCchamp. For those without ready access to Instagram, the #SCchamp feed is also on our website.

What the images show is the wide range of reasons for being a stem cell champion. Some people are looking for new therapies for themselves or loved ones. Others are scientists who are excited about being part of finding those therapies. Whatever their reasons, these stem cell champions are a critical part of the work we do. Without public support for the research at the state and federal level, stem cell labs might turn to other areas of research.

You can show your support by downloading our sign and uploading a photo of your message to Instagram, or by staying informed about stem cell progress and telling your friends and family members. There's more information about how to get current information, and a blank sign to download, on our Stem Cell Champion page.

Amy Adams

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